How does charity: water determine the cost of sponsoring a project?

Each quarter, our partners submit grants with specific project costs and our programs finance team examines these closely to ensure they are accurate and reasonable. Project costs can vary greatly depending on technology, country, and partner organization, but they form clusters. Based on analysis of costs in previous and upcoming grants, we've determined that $10,000+ is the typical cost of a project in countries we're working in.

Not every drilled well costs exactly $10,000. We will match your donation to a project that’s closest in cost, and 100% of your money will go towards water projects in the field. For example, if you donate $10,000 for a drilled well, but it ends up costing $9,200, the extra $800 will go towards another charity: water project. If the project cost ends up at $10,800, funds from other charity: water donors will cover the remainder, but you will still be recognized as the project sponsor.

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