What does it mean to be a project sponsor on mycharitywater.org?

When a water project is complete, we sometimes recognize a fundraiser as the project sponsor. This happens when a single mycharitywater.org campaign raises enough money to fund the entire project (or a majority of the project).
Historically, many campaigns that raised $5,000 or more have been recognized as project sponsors on mycharitywater.org. Today, a campaign has to raise at least $10,000 to be recognized as a project sponsor on mycharitywater.org unless noted otherwise. This number has gone up because the average cost of a charity: water project has increased over time. Learn more about what costs are included in a charity: water project here
*Please note: Sponsoring a water project on charitywater.org and being the sponsor of a project on mycharitywater.org are different. Learn more about sponsoring a water project on charitywater.org here
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