I'm donating from outside the U.S. online. Is there an additional transaction fee involved?

Thanks so much for your support from abroad! It really means the world to us.

We're able to accept online donations in USD and GBP (check out charity: water UK here). You can make a contribution directly to charity: water via credit/debit card.

That being said, you can give a donation in most major currencies on our Facebook page here and 100% will go to clean and safe drinking water.

charity: water pays back credit card fees, meaning if a donor gives $100 with a credit card and we get $97, we’ll make up the $3 (with our operations budget funded by generous private donors) and send the full $100 to provide clean water for people in need. This fee is charged by our online payment processor.

Your foreign bank and/or credit card provider may charge you an additional conversion and transactional fees which are not reimbursed by charity: water. 

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