How can my company participate in team fundraising?

If you’re looking to create various fundraising campaigns so your staff, different offices, or departments can all participate as a team, you can use our online fundraising platform. You can highlight who you are as a business and what you're doing to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in need.

Get started: You can sign up in a matter of minutes here.

Once you're ready to start your campaign, you can choose to "Campaign as a team." This creates a fundraising page with a custom URL that you can donate to directly or use to encourage others to start their own campaigns to help you reach your goal!

What you’ll receive: 100% of donations will go directly to fund water projects in the field and we’ll prove it. When your campaign closes, you’ll receive your country update in 6-9 months, and when the project is complete in about 21 months, you’ll receive GPS coordinates of the community served on Google Maps.

You can use our assets: Feel free to download our media assets to spread the word about your campaign. You can find inspirational stories of impact here.

Please make sure to look over our IP guidelines before using our assets and remember to submit any materials you create for approval (and allow our team one week to get back to you). 

An example: See an example of a company’s team campaign here.

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