How can I change my email preferences?

We hate to see you go but you can absolutely update this directly from any of our emails or in your profile settings. 

Unsubscribe via Email:

At the end of each email, there is an option that says "Send Me Less Email".

Once selected, you will be brought to a charity: water page that allows you to choose the types of email communications that you'd like to receive from us. If you'd like to receive absolutely no communication, please make sure that all options are shown as a grey "X".

What am I unsubscribing from?

  • Send me awesome emails is the charity: water main newsletter which includes all of our need to know's and initiatives.
  • Send me updates about my campaign is how we keep you updated on the progress of the project that you helped to fund from your my charity: water campaign. 
  • Send me updates about my donation is how we update donors who generously contributed to a water project by donating to a my charity: water campaign. 


Unsubscribe from my: charity water account:

  1. Log in to your mycharity: water account.  

  2. Select the "Account Settings" option located in the drop down under the My Profile menu.

  3. Select the "Manage Preferences" option that's underneath your email address.

  4. Slide the toggles to show a grayed out "x"

  5. Select "Save changes" and you're all set!


**Please note that this does not apply to transactional emails that are sent such as a donation confirmation or tax receipt.



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