How can you send 100% of public donations to fund water projects?

We‘re able to send 100% of public donations directly to fund water projects because we have a group of generous private donors, called “The Well,” who fund our operating expenses. They cover everything from staff salaries and supplies to flights to the field so that we can continue to use all public donations to fund clean water projects.

Beyond "The Well," charity: water operating expenses are supported by:

  • Brand Partnerships
    • a select group of companies and foundations have chosen to support our operating expenses through corporate gifts, percentage of sales, and campaigns
  • Investment Earnings
    • operating funds and committed donor funds awaiting deployment are invested safely in capital markets with a goal to grow assets
  • Gifts in Kind
    • from technologies to office equipment, much of what we have is donated by generous companies

Learn more about our 100% model here.

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