How do I get my workplace or business involved?

Your office will love it! We have a few options to get your business involved:

Fundraise as an office
To get started head to our online fundraising platform, mycharity: water and create a corporate account. Set a goal and take donations right there on your page! 

You can track your progress in real time and 100% of what you raise goes directly to fund clean water projects. 

You’d be amazed at what your office can do if you work together.

See an example of a company that led their own successful fundraising campaign

Sponsor a water project for your business
When you sponsor a project, we'll recognize your company at the water point you funded after it's complete. You'll also receive GPS coordinates and photos of the community that received clean water because of your gift! 

If you're interested in sponsoring a water project as a company, please fill out our sponsor a project form.

Match your money
Most companies have a matching gift program -- that means that when you give an amount as an individual, the company then donates the same (with very little work on your part!). 

And of course, 100% of both donations directly fund water projects. Learn about how you can double (or even triple) your impact through your workplace.

*A quick note: To maintain our 100% model and integrity, charity: water has a strict policy prohibiting the use of our logo or brand with any outside products, promotional materials or commercial websites. 

We’d love for your company to raise funds, but we can’t allow you to use the cause to market your business. Before you start your office campaign, please read our IP guidelines for corporate fundraising attached below.

Have more questions? Fill out a corporate giving form and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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