Can you tell me the progress of my water project?

When your campaign closes we'll share information about the journey your dollars take, but we don't have the capacity to share the construction process of each of our projects as they're being built. 

We work in remote communities in countries with very limited infrastructure and asking our local partners to report back with extensive information (photos, GPS and community information) on hundreds of projects is already quite an undertaking. 

The estimated timeline for our partners to complete projects and report back to us (and thus for us to report back to you) is 21 months. You'll receive your country update in 1-3 months from when the campaign closes, your progress report in 9-12 months, and your completion report in 18-21 months. The completion data will be posted on your mycharity: water page.


To get a better idea of the challenges our partners face in building projects, please take a minute to watch our video on our work in Central African Republic.


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