Do's and don'ts of your mycharity: water fundraising event.

Do: Get excited. Engage your network, rally the masses and have fun with your mission!
Don't: Get so excited that you use profanity or language in your promotions that could potentially harm the charity: water name or brand.

Do: Feel free to use our assets to teach others about the water crisis. You can download our web banners, Twitter backgrounds, Facebook covers, photos, videos, and other media resources.
Don't: Print or promote the charity: water brand without first reading over our IP Guidelines.

Do: Know your stuff. Use our website, ideas and info from our blog and our press kit to familiarize yourself with the water issue and what we're doing about it.
Don't: Provide our 501(c)(3) documentation for tax purposes to event attendees or donors. Our 501(c)(3) documentation should be used solely for informational purposes to confirm our non-profit status and should not be treated as a tax receipt. Anything we missed? For any other questions, please fill out our support form and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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