How is my donation used?

We always spend 100% of your money on water projects in the field – and we’re committed to using those funds in the most effective way to fight the water crisis. This means investing in more than just materials to build a well.

Here are some things needed to complete a successful water project:

Material costs
The hardware includes all the basics such as cement, pipes, pumps, solar panels, construction supplies, spare parts, and training manuals. We also fund the digital cameras and GPS devices so we can show you the work once it’s complete.

Personnel costs
People make our projects run, so our costs include salaries and benefits for program managers; technical experts like engineers, surveyors, and hydrogeologists; drillers and welders; and drivers.

Wherever possible, we also fund hygiene and sanitation projects to help communities enjoy the full health benefits of clean water. This requires ongoing training from our partners so everyone using the new water point understands what actions they can take to prevent diseases.

Mobilization costs
Local staff and equipment are needed to get to and from project sites, so we include costs for vehicle rental and repairs, fuel, meals and lodging for a good night’s sleep.

Local office program support costs
Before, during and after the construction of projects, our local partners need a home base. These costs include office rent and maintenance, insurance, supplies, utilities, phones, and computers. They also cover key support staff: accountants, grant managers, and office admins.

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